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I am satisfied with my current body shape. Do I still need Mondella?

Yes. Mondella provides firm support to your existing body shape and helps maintain your contours and curves for a longer period. After developing the right habits of wearing contouring lingerie for some time, there will be optimal results. Even for women who already have very good figures, we recommend wearing Mondella to help maintain their good physique for many years to come.

Will wearing Mondella contouring lingerie cut off my blood circulation?

Mondella uses premium-quality fabrics with ergonomic three-dimensional cut design. By selecting the right size and comfort, it will not cut off your blood circulation.

I am facing signs of ageing with my body. How can Mondella help improve the condition?

As we age, we experience more undesired fat accumulation and skin sagginess around different parts of the body. Mondella contouring set provides uncompromised support to the body and helps redirect fats to the correct positions. With regular use, it helps maintain the current body shape.

I heard that some contouring lingerie can achieve the effect of weight loss. Is that true?

Weight loss and body contouring are different concepts. Weight loss is always best achieved by weight management via dieting and exercise. On the other hand, Mondella promises instant accentuation of feminine contours and uncompromised support to the body curves. While the Nano FIR technology of Mondella constantly delivers energy rays to the body that help promote the bodily metabolism rate, with regular use over a period of time, Mondella may help achieve a reduction in body measurements.*

* With reference to “Reduction in body measurements after use of a garment made with synthetic fibers embedded with ceramic nanoparticles” by J Cosmet Dermatol, 2011 Mar

Is it all right to wear Mondella while sleeping?

When we are sleeping, the mind and body repair takes place, and the body’s muscles are at the most relaxed state. It is not recommended to wear any tight clothing or lingerie with underwire for sleep, in order not to stress up the body at rest. However, to prevent out-spread breast, one may consider wearing Mondella Body Shaper (without Bust Shaper) while sleeping as long as there is no discomfort experienced. It is also recommended to wear a slightly bigger set of Mondella lingerie to prevent tightness and disturbed sleep.

Can I do light exercise like jogging with Mondella contouring lingerie?

Yes, it is recommended especially for heavyset users. As we jog there is a lot of movement and due to gravity, it may increase sagging. Wearing Mondella contouring lingerie helps to prevent sagging.

How do I ensure that the quality of Mondella lingerie can last as long as possible?

We recommend very gentle washing and not soaking the underwear for more than 15 minutes. Mondella is made from patented Wincool® fabric that uses cooling technology. It helps body heat to escape even after many hours of wear. This also helps to prevent stubborn sweat stains. Thus a simple soak and rinse will work well for Mondella lingerie. We also advocate removing all watches and jewelry while wearing lingerie like Body Shaper and Bottom Shaper to protect the fabric.

I just had a surgery. Can I wear Mondella lingerie immediately after my surgery?

It depends on what type of surgery. It is definitely not recommended if the user had just undergone heart surgery as there will be a large wound on the chest area. However for users who have undergone natural childbirth and have no complications, they can wear Mondella whenever they want as long as there is no discomfort. For caesarean births, users can wear Mondella after the wound is closed and there is no pain experienced.

After wearing the contouring lingerie for an entire day, I have the feeling of indigestion and bloatedness. Why?

The feeling of indigestion may be because you are not used to wearing contouring lingerie. As Mondella lingerie is designed to help shift and hold your fats in the correct position, you may feel some degree of discomfort. As we recommend at least 8 hours of wear per day, you may start with a few hours before slowly increasing the duration.

Is it normal to experience discomfort during initial stages of wearing Mondella lingerie?

There are a few reasons to explain the discomfort. The first reason is the choice of size. If the fit is too tight, it will cause discomfort. So always make sure you choose the right size that you are comfortable in. Another reason is the duration of wearing the contouring lingerie. During the initial stage, it is recommended to wear Mondella contouring set for 8 hours. If there is any discomfort experienced, you can take off one of the items: either the Body Shaper or Bottom Shaper. Using this approach, it allows the body to adapt gradually and discomfort can be avoided.