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The Challenges

Have you been layering yourself with clothes just to conceal your body shape? Have you lost your confidence to shine?

Every woman consistently seeks the perfect silhouette for herself, but it is soon forgotten with factors such as time, hormonal and lifestyle changes. These challenges that we face everyday aggravate the distortion of our body shapes:

The Aggravators

Ageing Process

Ageing has an inevitable impact on a woman’s body. The decreasing metabolism may not burn fat as quickly, the muscles and shapes of the body seem to lose their definitions.

Inadequate Diet

Inadequate diets such as poor eating habits, prolonged meal time gap, poor selection of food are some of the contributing factors to excessive weight gain.

Lack of Exercise

Regular physical exercise is essential to keep the body fit. It helps improve overall vitality and makes one feel energetic. Lack of exercise can lead to weight gain and poor muscle tone.

Wrong Products

Proper fitted lingerie is essential for both comfort and supporting contours. Wearing the wrong lingerie that does not offer enough support or fitting can distort the body shape, produce unwanted bulges and even restrict blood circulation, creating muscle tension and ache.

Hormonal Changes

Women have to go through different stages of life such as pregnancy and menopause which oestrogen level may influence body fat distribution. Women after birth tend to store fat in lower body and postmenopausal women store fat around their abdomen. The internal body changes make it more challenging to lose any excess weight.

Emotional Stress

Stress is the body’s way to react to a challenge. Demands of career or family can lead to tension or poor sleeping quality that the body may lose its ability to function or perform. As a result, the body may go into crisis mode, begin to slow down its metabolism.


Most people do not realise how important posture is. Bad posture is a downward spiral that can distort our body shape – it can result in stooping back, protruding stomach or heavy bottom, adding stress to the body.


As we grow older, the force of gravity takes toll. The skin loses the elasticity and different areas of the body like breasts, tummy and bottom begin to sag.