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Our Story

At Mondella, we believe that we can help every woman to rediscover her new sensuous contours.

Our artisanal pieces of contouring lingerie are thoughtfully designed with delicate details. With the incisive knowledge of female body, exquisite craftsmanship in the right cut and our search for the finest materials, Mondella harmoniously marries intimate fashion with precision sciences.

We are devoted to offering the perfect companion for every modern woman to charmingly exude her confidence, sophistication and femininity. Thanks to the subtlety in techniques and designs, Mondella promises instant accentuation of feminine curves while delivering uncompromised support, health enhancements and unparalleled comfort.

  • Feel Good

    Unparalleled comfort

  • Lift

    Uncompromised support

  • Contour

    Instant accentuation

  • Rejuvenate

    Health enhancements